February 14, 2011

Bird Kingdom Ticket Deals (WagJag)

Bird Kingdom has 2 ticket deals on WagJag right now.    These are great prices for a super fun thing to do, especially when it's cold and yucky outside.  Make it a family day :-)

Get a senior pass for $7 (a $14 value)

Get an Adult pass for $8 (a $17 value)

Get a child pass for $6 (a $12 value)

Offer Details
  • Expires November 28, 2011

  • Unlimited buys

  • Includes tax. Voucher has no cash value. No cash back

  • Highlights
  • One of Niagara's prime attractions

  • Hundreds of tropical bird species to watch, hold and feed

  • Nocturnal animals and reptiles

  • About Bird Kingdom
    The earliest bird sanctuaries operated as a rest home for stressed out banker pigeons, where they eventually learned to live by the mantra, “keep calm and carrion.” Today, you can view sanctuary guests in much higher spirits with this WagJag; get 50% off on admission to the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls.
    As one of the biggest indoor aviaries in the world, the Bird Kingdom is considered one of the best and most popular attractions of the Falls. More than 400 species of tropical birds fly freely throughout this lush multi-level paradise, available to be held and fed by any visitors. Some of the birds here are rare or endangered, making this your only opportunity to get close to some truly unique creatures. The aviary isn’t just for the birds, however; the building also includes a collection of saltwater fish, spiders, bats, snakes and other fascinating reptiles to spy on.
    The Bird Kingdom is a fantastic family attraction for people of all ages, and with this WagJag, you can pick up tickets for every member of your flock (check out the links to the right for other price points). Don’t chicken out – bring your camera and spend the day in a summery wonderland for animal lovers.