October 31, 2010

Niagara Falls local event. Winter Festival of Lights November 6th 2010 to January 31st 2011

Niagara Falls is having their Winter Festival of Lights starting next week {November 6th 2010}.  This year it has been extended to go until January 31st of the new year.  This is a free of charge event, fun for the whole family.  You are not obligated but are encouraged to donate at the exit.  The donated money will go towards enhancing the lights and displays.  This always gets us in the Christmas spirit when the weather isn't quite Christmasy, or you're stressed with the funds that go along with this holiday time. Don't forget to bring your camera.

Mac Cosmetics- free shipping and free sample of pro eye makeup remover

Anyone that loves Mac Cosmetics  but doesn't have time to run to the Bay (in our area) will love this.  A free shipping code, but with the code you will also get a free sample of pro eye makeup remover.  This particular coupon is valid until November 14th 2010 and will work on any size order.  To take advantage of this coupon just type "MACSAMPLE" at checkout.

Free Aveda 3 piece sample set Expires December 31st 2010

Aveda is offering you the chance to print out this coupon and get a free 3 piece sample set that includes shampoo, conditioner, and prep-style smoother.  Just click here to find a location near you.  And don't forget to print your coupon out from this link.  The last day to use your coupon is December 31st 2010.

October 30, 2010

Seaway Mall Trick or Treating October 31st 2010

Take the little ones and go visit the Seaway Mall from 1-4 pm to get in some fun Trick or Treating.  A great way to get them excited for the night, or just quiet enough for those 1st time trick or treaters.  Click here to see the Seaway Mall events

For the ladies who love Coach...expires October 31st 2010... ACT FAST

The all my lady friends who love Coach.  Poor me I have never been able to get one yet, maybe one day,..lol  Coach is offering a coupon good for 20% off, the only catch is you need to act super fast, this offer ends October 31st, yes I know that is tomorrow.  Visit the Coach factory outlet in Niagara Falls if you have the time to go treat yourself. Just print out the coupon form the link. Here is your 20% off coupon

Medieval Times buy one get one Expires November 30th 2010

The Toronto location for Medieval Times is offering up a great deal for anyone who's been wanting to go but couldn't afford it.  Until November 30th you can buy one and get one free when you buy your tickets and enter the code “BGWEB10″.  Buy your tickets.   Have fun!!

Free 8 x 10 portrait at Blacks ends October 31st

Bring that little cutie into a Blacks near you  and make sure they're dressed in their costume.  You will get a free 8 x 10 portrait of them with a Halloween theme!  This freebie ends tomorrow on Halloween, so make sure you take advantage of it before it's too late.   Find a store near you

Free LeapFrog Book

When you create your child's LeapFrog learning path you will get to pick from 1 of 2 books for free!  You will either get to pick between a LeapFrog Tag JR book {ages 2-4}, or a LeapFrog Tag book {ages 4-8}.  Jayla has the Tag reading system and loves it.  The book she got for free was adorable and another book added to her collection.  You will have to fill out some info and in the final steps get to select which book you would like.  Here is the link

October 29, 2010

Toys r Us

Oct 29-Oct 31 2010

Spend $50.00 or more Oct 29th-31st at Toys R Us and receive a scratch card to be applied to your sale for instant savings! Anywhere from 5%-50%!!! Woo hoo {up to $100.00 can be taken off your purchase}  Remember this is only available for this weekend; Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  With Christmas right around the corner, I'm sure this will come in handy.
Toys R Us website

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Rosehill Auction

If you haven't had a chance to make it down to Rosehill Auction, tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of their awesome  sale.  Saturday October 30th 2010 is the final day of their supplier incentive sale, which is 40% off their sticker price.  If you have never been there before, they sell pretty much everything for your home.  Fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, couches, beds, mattresses, cribs, strollers, snow blowers, the list goes on and on.  They always have different things coming in, never have a flyer because they never know what exactly they will have to advertise.  They hardly ever have a sale like this, so if you have time today or tomorrow check it out.

Here are their hours:
Phone# 905 871 1482
email- info@rosehillauction.ca

1754 Garrison Road 
                       Fort Erie, ON, Ontario
                       L2A 5M4

Some of the sales at the moment


To all of my friends who love Old Navy, they are having a huge sale on all their outerwear.  You can save up to 50% off for the whole family starting today {Oct 29 2010} until November 10 2010.  Just in time for the really cold weather.  As an added bonus right now for a limited time you can get free shipping when you buy $50 or more.  To see if you can save even more, become a fan of Old navy on Facebook and click the tab for Barker's Bones, once a week you can dig up a coupon.  http://www.facebook.com/oldnavy?v=app_10442206389


Toy Story 3 is almost out!  This was the 1st movie we have ever brought our daughter to see in theater, so I'm super excited to bring it home for her. The cheapest place to get it (Nov 2-4 2010) is Walmart $29.93 for the blu-ray combo pack and Zellers $29.99.  As an added bonus from Zellers you will get a free lunch box, how cute is that.  Worth the $.06 difference from Walmart in my opinion :-P AND get a $10 savings card when you spend $50 between Nov 5 - 18{Zellers}.  If you click on the link I provided up above,  you will also get a coupon to save $8.00 on top of that!  That's why I had only listed the blu-ray combo pack prices, because with the coupon they will be cheaper than the dvd on it's own.  Disney has said on their sites that all blu-rays are sold as combo packs, meaning you get BOTH the blu-ray & dvd.  
{You will have to join Disney Movie Rewards to be able to print out your coupon, which is no biggie because as you buy Disney movies you will get codes in the box to get points, and redeem when you have enough}

Until Oct 31st 2010 The Cloth Diaper Shop in St Catharines Ontario is having a sale on their Perfect Size FuzziBunz pocket diapers. Act fast to take advantage of the sale.   Reg. they are $23.95 and the new colours are on sale for $18.95, discontinued colours for $17.00.  These are fantastic cloth diapers.  They also have an online sore for those of you not in St Catharines.  Be sure to browse through their other sales that might be of interest to you.    

Peekaboo Bottoms in Welland Ontario is also having a sale on their Perfect Size Fuzzibunz pocket diapers. They were reg. $24.00, now on for $19.00.  Their sale is running from now until Oct 31 2010, so act quick.  They also have an online sore.  Be sure to browse through any of their other sales that might interest you. 

I will add more sales as I come across them.  Feel free to follow my blog to be updated :-)

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October 28, 2010

Some freebies of the moment

You will come to find that nothing makes my day like a freebie.  I know I'm not alone...so I will post them as I find them.  I love getting mail-that's not bills. :-P  Be sure to right click and open in new tab or new window.


This site is pretty new, and has already been loaded with members.  It is in invite only page {if you would like an invite, just send me a msg with your email and you'll get an invite in your mail}
It is ONLY for Ontario residents, and those that live close enough to Toronto as most of the redeemable prizes will be there.  In 1 day I already had enough to redeem, but am holding back hoping to cash in on something awesome.  You can connect it to your social media such as www.facebook.com or www.twitter.com to get bonus points, and to let your friends in on this find.


P & G BrandSampler.  If you haven't heard of these, I'm glad you now have.  These come out every so often and are filled with samples designed for you.  You will have to join, fill out a questioner and based on your answers you will get a cute little package filled with goodies.  {Just a heads up the amount of samples you will end up with depend on the time of day as they seem to restock every so often during these times, and if you already use most of their products you won't end up with as many samples}


Marble Slab Creamery.  This is a yummy ice cream shop.  You have to sign up for their mailing list, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.  Here is what it states exactly-just for joining.  It says that if you join their mailing list, you will get a sweet surprise for your birthday.  Feel free to add family members as well.  Who doesn't love free delicious treats!?


I'm not sure how long this will be on for, but give it a try when you find this blog.  Cottonelle is offering you and a friend free Cottenelle Fresh Flushable wipes.  You fill in your info, then add  your friend's email  you would like to share this with.

That ends this session of freebies for tonight.  Follow this blog to find freebies as I find them.

A little about this blogger, and my plans for this site

My name is Avery, yes like the paper company.  I'm a stay at home mom to a beautiful and awesome 2 1/2 year  old girl., and proud of it! I'm married to my best friend, and share our house with cute little animals.
I had decided, and started a blog a while back.  I guess I wasn't really focused and never made much of it.  I am going to make an effort to succeed this time around.  This will be my time, where I can go to express my thoughts of the day and anything I think might be of interest to someone else.

I am into 'crunchy' parenting stuff, such as breastfeeding {yes my daughter Jayla is still breastfeeding, and I am proud to say so}, cloth diapering, making my own cleaners,  bed sharing, using the no cry it out method, among other things but this is what 1st popped into my head.

I have reasons for why I like the things that I like if anyone feels the need to judge or challenge me.  Each family, parent, PERSON has things that works for them.  No one can tell you what will work for you, it's up to you to  figure that out on your own, and trust me you will.  I think it's time we all try to be a little more understanding of one another.  I'm sure we're all more alike than we thought, since everything has a stigma attached to it.

I love coupons, sales and deals, and freebies.  I am looking forward to be able to pass those things to you, since they make my day.  Since we are a 1 income family, and not the richest out of those, we try to make our pennies cover a lot.

Me and the hubby have been together for some time, we have had our ups and our downs just like any other couple out there.  We have worked hard at things, and other times barely tried and got along great.  I would of course like to bring to the blog.

I will be posting product reviews of things I have tried.  Honest reviews.

I know it will take time to get everything up and running the way I am hoping for.

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog.