June 3, 2011

Sobey's Baby Registry

I just read about Sobeys Pharmacy having a baby registry!!
You know that's where I'll be headed asap :-P
Once you register (might vary store to store) that you get freebies and coupons.  Some even said you get generic prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy!  Pass this along to any of your preggo friends like me, and especially those in need.


Anonymous said...

Which Sobeys has this? I can't find anyone that knows about it. :(

Avery said...

I just called my local Sobeys today (Niagara Regions Ontario Canada) and she said she will give me a call with the details once they find out exactly what is going on. She said as far as she knows it's only out west for the moment, but will in fact be at the others soon. She said once you sign up you'll get email reminders/notifications about your pregnancy, coupons, and prenatal vitamins which will be given to you on a monthly basis for free from the pharmacist to help you create a bond with them and feel more comfortable to ask them questions. Sory about that :-( I hope it comes soon to a Sobeys near you