October 28, 2010

Some freebies of the moment

You will come to find that nothing makes my day like a freebie.  I know I'm not alone...so I will post them as I find them.  I love getting mail-that's not bills. :-P  Be sure to right click and open in new tab or new window.


This site is pretty new, and has already been loaded with members.  It is in invite only page {if you would like an invite, just send me a msg with your email and you'll get an invite in your mail}
It is ONLY for Ontario residents, and those that live close enough to Toronto as most of the redeemable prizes will be there.  In 1 day I already had enough to redeem, but am holding back hoping to cash in on something awesome.  You can connect it to your social media such as www.facebook.com or www.twitter.com to get bonus points, and to let your friends in on this find.


P & G BrandSampler.  If you haven't heard of these, I'm glad you now have.  These come out every so often and are filled with samples designed for you.  You will have to join, fill out a questioner and based on your answers you will get a cute little package filled with goodies.  {Just a heads up the amount of samples you will end up with depend on the time of day as they seem to restock every so often during these times, and if you already use most of their products you won't end up with as many samples}


Marble Slab Creamery.  This is a yummy ice cream shop.  You have to sign up for their mailing list, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.  Here is what it states exactly-just for joining.  It says that if you join their mailing list, you will get a sweet surprise for your birthday.  Feel free to add family members as well.  Who doesn't love free delicious treats!?


I'm not sure how long this will be on for, but give it a try when you find this blog.  Cottonelle is offering you and a friend free Cottenelle Fresh Flushable wipes.  You fill in your info, then add  your friend's email  you would like to share this with.

That ends this session of freebies for tonight.  Follow this blog to find freebies as I find them.