November 21, 2010

BK whopper deal with SPC

If you don't already have a SPC (Student Price Card) you should look into it.  You can get yourself a VIP SPC here -which means you don't need to be a student to use it.  You'll get it through subscribing to a year of LouLou magazine, which is fine because they often contain coupons, so lots of saving here.  It's going to run you $14.95 plus tax, which is good considering the regular SPC on it's own is $11.00 online, without a magazine subscription.

But anyways, back to the Burger King deal if you have a SPC.  buy 1 whopper, get the second free!  You'll need a coupon, so print this out and make sure you read the fine print, along with getting yourself a SPC. 
Coupon expires Nov 30th, 2010.