November 21, 2010

How to let a blog you follow feel the love :-) especially us just starting out

1.  Leave Comments – bloggers love comments.  We love to hear that you are enjoying what we have to say.  We actually love to connect with you personally and many of us use some of the input that you leave in your comments.
2.  Send an Email. Let them know that you appreciate what they are doing.  Bloggers do not make lots of money off their blogs – if we did it for the money, most of us would quit.  (Trust me!)  An email can brighten a blogger’s day and make their job feel as a blogger worth it to them.
3.  Have Patience. If you sent a blogger an email and they do not respond right away, please don’t leave comments on their Facebook pages or send multiple emails.  A blogger can receive over 300 emails a day with people demanding their attention.  When a blogger can, she will email you.  Sometimes she has to work behind the scenes to come up with the answer to your question.  If you haven’t heard from them after a week, send another one.  Check to see if they received your email but do it politely.  Please.
4.  Enter Their Giveaways.  Bloggers are judged by how many entries they have in their giveaways.  I wouldn’t enter everything they have because you might not be able to use it all but if you can, please enter.  It is encouraging to see a huge listing.
5.  Fan Their Facebook pages and suggest them to your friends. If you like a blogger and enjoy reading them, chances are – you have friends and family that might enjoy them too.  Use your simple “suggest” button Facebook and suggest your favourite blogger’s Facebook page to your friends.
6.  Re-Tweet out their comments. If you are on Twitter, retweet your blogger’s favourite posts so that others can see them and possibly follow them and read their posts.
7.  Have a favourite company on Facebook? Suggest your favourite blogger to that company.  Companies have really begun to appreciate social media but they don’t always know who is out there.  You as the reader can influence a company to do a giveaway on your favourite blogger’s blog just by letting them know that they exist.  It’s as simple as leaving a Facebook comment or sending an email with the blogger’s web address.
8.  Make suggestions to your favorite blogger of things you would love to see.Bloggers love to add content that their readers want to see.  Make sure before suggesting it that it fits that blogger’s blog because some things may not be a great fit but others will be.
9.  Offer to Guest Post. Bloggers have down days.  Days when they are sick, days when they don’t have anything to say, days when their world’s are crazy busy, and days when nothing is going right.  Those days are days when either we don’t write or we love to share someone else’s thoughts.  You might be an expert in something or have something you would like to share.  Chances are very high that your blogger will love it and use it!  Ask them first before you put all the time into it.
Bloggers love their readers and all the support that we can get makes our days and writing easier.  For every blog that is started daily, at least a few quit.  Why do they quit?  They don’t have the support that they need.  If you have a favourite blogger, let them know and send a smile their way!