March 29, 2011

$5 off Tangled 4-Disc Blu-ray™ Combo Pack

We love Disney movies in this house.  I swore when I had J hat I would never give in, but I have, and don't regret
We have yet to see Tangled, but all I've heard and read are awesome reviews.  If you were planning on getting yourself or someone a copy, why not save $5.  Visit Disney Movie Rewards and print yourself out a coupon.  That will save you $5 off the Tangled 4-Disc Blu-ray™ Combo Pack.  If you don't have a Disney Movie Rewards account yet, it will only take you a minute to make one, plus you get all the added bonuses of cashing in your codes inside the box, to get yourself some nice freebies.  :-)  (feel free to send me any codes you aren't planning on using)  hehehe