March 24, 2011

Where the hell have I been lately?!?!?

hahaha so anyone that has joined my blog who actually pays attention to it has probably wondered what happened to me lately.  I have totally been missing in action lately, and not letting anyone know about any good deals or local events.  I am so sorry.

As you may know, I just co hosted my 1st mom to mom sale March 12th.  We did great!  We had some awesome sponsors contribute to our amazing grab bags, and had 100 of them.  Before the line up was even done we had already given out our last grab bag, we were super impressed, but sad that not everyone who waited in line got a little something extra to take home.  We got to meet some super friendly shoppers, families manning their tables, and vendors. It was a great experience, and Carly and I really appreciate everyone that helped us out the day of, that joined us for our 1st ever sale, that contributed to our door prizes and grab bags, and just for the support of everyone.  Feel free to browse the pictures from the day .  To anyone that was a shopper at the sale we will be posting a survey for you to take.  We'd love to know your opinions of us :-)  Plus we have one that we'll be sending out to the wonderful vendors and mom/dads that grabbed a table at the sale.  Can't wait to do it all over again!

Pretty much right after the sale, starting Monday, my sweet little nugget J got super sick.  She must have caught the flu or something at the sale.  She was our little helper for almost the whole day!  Along with my hubby :-P  She couldn't keep anything in her tiny little body, was having a super hard time getting any liquids into her, let alone food.  I actually had to put diapers on her for a couple of the days because she had no control over anything.  This was her 1st "real" sickness, and it made me super sad since we just stopped breastfeeding just a couple of weeks before this.  I somehow felt like this was my fault, because she has been breastfed for almost 3 years and has been one healthy little girl.  Then all of the sudden super sick.  It last a week exactly, and she is now back to her super loud and overly hyper and active self.

While all of this was going on, the hubby and I had a secret that we wanted so bad to share with everyone, but knew it wouldn't be smart of us based on our previous situations.  We're pregnant!!!! We had our 1st midwife appointment on March 17th and got to hear it's sweet little heart beat!!  I had expected we were 12 weeks along by that time, but the midwife said my uterus was measuring a bit bigger than that, probably 14 or 15 weeks at that time.  She said this could be due to the fact that I already have had a full pregnancy, and this will be our 4th pregnancy so it could just be my uterus saying lets get this show on the road.  We go for our 1st ultrasound on Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed everything goes well, that we have a nice and talkative tech who shows us things, lets the hubby come in, and fingers crossed we can come home to post a picture.

Well I think that pretty much sums everything up :-)  I know I had more to say but the hubby just called from work and totally made me  loose my train of though, which isn't hard at all to do lately :-P

Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me, and my crappy job of keeping up with my blog lately.