April 19, 2011

Looking for ideas for our sex finding out party...to be renamed...LOL

Hey everyone :-)  That's our baby #2 up above at 14 weeks and 1 day.
I thought I'd ask my readers for some cute ideas.
We're going for our 2nd ultrasound May 7th 2011, and at this one we can hopefully be able to tell if our daughter J will have a little brother or sister.
We've decided that since we did everything so private with J that we wanted to make this pregnancy a more family and friends friendly event.  When we go on the 7th, we're hoping to have the ultrasound tech write on a paper the sex of nugget #2, or we'll wait for our midwife appointment the week after to have her write it down.  Neither myself or the hubby will know the sex, we wanted to have our family and close friends find out the same time we do.
To do this we were planning on having a sex finding out party, but need a better name to call it...lol
We're going to invite our family and close friends over to the house, where we'll have some snacks and drinks, get to hang out, and all together find out what's growing inside this big giant belly.
After we got the sex written down, we'll find someone to make us a cake, who is great at keeping secrets! lol and either fill it blue or pink.

I'm looking for your ideas.
-If you have a cute name to call this party
-What kind of snacks do you think would fit into this theme
-Any cake flavours that would go great with the colour choices, so it's not just a vanilla cake
-Any fun games or activities we could play while passing the time with anticipation
-There will be nuggets running around as well, so anything fun we can do with them

I'm hoping to either make a chart, or a pictures, and have everyone put their name on something letting us all know who thinks it's a boy or a girl, maybe turn it into a fun bet of some sorts.

I have pregnant brain all of the time, so where I used to be creative is now filled with thoughts that I forget before I've even completed them...lol

I would love to hear if anyone else has done a party like this before, what they did, any suggestions/ideas, anything at all.

Feel free to comment on here or on the post on facebook.
We thank you guys so much!


kristy said...

this is more of a personalized example but hey,it may spark your's or someone else's imagaination. A friend of mine was having twins and announced the sex with the line "2 brownies in the oven, one with nuts one without" buuuut..their last name was also Brown. perhaps it may stir the creative juices.

Everything Mom and Baby said...

How exciting :)

Love Everyday said...

Congratulations...we were boring and just told people but now thinking about it...I might go nerdy and have a X or Y party...get it? X or Y chromosome?!?! ok really nerdy but hey that would work for us. Or maybe just a pink or blue party would be simple. Good luck...Have fun revealing!!

Francesca said...

I've never had one of these but I know them as GG's (Gender Guessing Parties). A friend of mine took her ultrasound to a bakery and had them fill cupcakes with pink or blue filling and then everyone found out at the same time when they ate them.

For the kids: you can get dolls have have them dress them up as boys and girls. ?? I don't know- I'll try and think of more ideas :/

Avery said...

Thank you so much everyone :-) We're getting pretty excited to soon find out, but also to have an excuse to have a little get together with everyone.

I really appreciate your suggestions, I have mush brain lately and can't think anything past the basics :-P hahahahahah