April 2, 2011

Kahava- Save 50% off ALL until April 30th 2011

If you remember, Kahava was nice enough to sponsor a giveaway on our blog.  It generated lots of comments about how great of a product it is, and how much it would come in handy.  These are great if you're sporty, a parent which we all know can never have enough hands, travelling, working, or just because.
Until April 30th 2011 you can get your own Kahava at 50% off!  PLUS free shipping (domestic ground shipping) *Made in USA.
Browse their selection, and see which one you would like the most, enjoy your 50% off :-)
Kahava eliminates the worry of lost keys, spilled travel bags / purses and bulging, heavy pockets with its simplistic, yet functional design-- allowing its user a convenient place to carry valuables. Perfect for active or sedentary lifestyles, Kahava, a futuristic purse, holds all cell phones, Ipods / MP3 players, monetary items and much more!