November 5, 2010

How to keep our kids warm AND safe while in a car seat

This is a wonderful thing that has been passed around on facebook.  Most of us don't realize how dangerous it is to put our sweet little nuggets into their car seat with a winter coat on.  Here is the album you can check out with pictures and information.  This is what the album's info is :

"Winter coats in car seats are NOT SAFE! Here are some tips to keep your child warm AND safe this winter.

This goes for passengers in boosters or seat belts as well. The coat will compress and leave the seat belt too loose. For infant seats, do not use bulky snow suits or a Bundle Me. Instead, use a "shower cap" style car seat cover that fits over their infant seat. (Something like this: )

*PLEASE feel free to share this album! I made it public so people can repost it :)

I've been getting lots of messages so I thought I'd post this here- I am a certified CPST. (Child Passenger Safety Technician). I live in Minnesota where the winters are brutal, and my kids don't freeze. :)"

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