November 17, 2010

I'm a cloth diapering momma

I'm a cloth diapering momma

We made the big switch to cloth when our daughter was about 4 months old.  I think it the was best decision we could of made for our family, and thought about it for a while before we actually looked into it.  I remember the day, I had boxes of disposable diapers and wipes and one day just sold them all to use that money towards cloth.  

MY hubby and I were so overwhelmed with all the choices.  Let me tell you, cloth diapers are not the same as they were years ago.  My mom seen the diapers we got and was super shocked at how easy they actually were.  I mean you can still get your back in the day style cloth diapers-prefolds.  BUT the majority is pretty much a dispossoable but in cloth form.  Let's break it down.

Our daughter when she was about 6-7 months old

Our main stash of diapers consists of bumGenius-one size pockets. These are waterproof shells that come with 2 inserts, you can adjust the absorbency but taking an insert out, or by adding more to absorb. We add a hemp or bamboo insert and use these for night. We love love these diapers, Never had poop blow out , I like one size for if we ever have any more babies plus they resell much better. The only thing that sucks is they are velcro, the kids learn to pull them off pretty fast, they get stuck on things (when I'm carrying my daughter to put her to bed if she has no pants on she gets stuck to my cloths and the diaper rips off when I put her down...ugh) plus velcro scratches their cute tummys. They are a bit expensive, about $25 each.

FuzziBunz also makes up a huge chunk of our stash. There are 2 kinds, the sized ones (small,medium,large,x large) or one size pocket diapers. Same concept-waterproof shell, you add your own inserts. I really like the new FuzziBunz Onesize-they come with 2 meaty inserts, so you can use them for night by adding a little more(if you need to) or use them as is, or take one out and use them during the day. These are also around $25

Both of those diapers are pretty much the best you can get for cloth diapering right now. (In my opinions)

A little bit of money, but they usually have a very high resale value, are high quality so if you ever have any more kids you will not need to re buy,unless you want to. It is always said that there are 2 ways of being convenient. While diapering, or while washing. These are super convenient, just like disposables while diapering. For washing you will need to pull out the insets and tuck the velcro on the sides so they don't all get tangled up.

The cheapest and easiest to wash, although the hardest to diaper with are prefolds. Just like the cloth diapers you were picturing from back in the day. Flat diapers that are "prefolded" in the middle to add absorbency. You need to fold these to fit your little nugget, we started out with these. I had more poop blow outs than I would like to admit, a lot of it from me not knowing entirely what I was doing, and some from it not being the best diaper at holding poop back. These are very very easy to wash, but much more work to put on a wiggling baby, they also take a long time to dry. These I think are around $4 each, not much of a resale value and don't hold up as well for baby number 2. You will need to buy covers separately as these are not waterproof.

There are also fitted diapers, which are diapers that are not waterproof. We do have a large amount of these, I got them off the internet, I love these diapers but am no longer buying from this lady or helping her out with business because of how she handles things. BUT you can find fitteds in every cloth diaper/natural parenting store , so cute but you will need to buy a cover. They are usually $15 to $25 I think.

I know it is a lot of money to spend, trust me, been there done that, almost lost my mind! hahah. I always tell people that yes it's quite a bit of money to start up, BUT no one has ever bought all the disposables they will need for their child's whole diapering time in one go. People do with cloth, or break it up into 2 or 3 buying chunks, that does seem like a lot of money, but it would be expensive for all the disposables as well. I did buy a lot more than I needed to, but have also resold some to pay for new ones and so on. We have so many that they all get evenly used and are still in great condition. The less you have the more they will be washed and worn, the more they wear down, the more you have the less they are worn and washed the better the hold up.

I just want to say to stay away from the ones in walmart, zellers, all those stores. Stick to cloth diapering stores. You really do get what you pay for.

Good luck with everything! If you need anything just let me know  I'm always up for chatting about cloth. I'm sorry if I missed anything or made a million typos.

Do you have a favourite?  Any comments you wanna make, or something you want to ask?  Feel free to post below.  

These are my personal views on the above products, in which I picked out and paid for on my own terms.  
If you make cloth diapers and would like a review, just let me know :-)