January 3, 2011

Cineplex mystery shopper program

Cineplex is offering up something pretty neat.  For $50 you will get 2 movie passes and gift cards to use at the concessions stand at least 4 times a year.  All that is asked is that you fill out a survey after.  Yes, you have to put in a little work and pay to be a mystery shopper, but for $50.00 plus taxes you will get a trip to the movies at least 4 times a year with snacks.  It will pay for itself, and it's not hard work.  Check it out.

Some fine print:

Below is an explanation and FAQ of the offer:
What is the Mystery Shopper Club?
The Mystery Shopper Club is an en exclusive group of Cineplex Entertainment customers who evaluate our
theatres. For an annual membership fee of $50 +applicable taxes we provide this exclusive group with two movie passes for admission and gift cards for concession purchases at least four times a year (over $120 value)
How am I supposed to evaluate the theatres?
That's the easy part! For each 'shop' we mail you a set of passes, gift cards, and a two page evaluation form. Just go to the theatre, enjoy the movie, and then afterwards, fill out the evaluation form. (Your comments are VERY important) Place the completed form in the postage paid envelope and return it by mail.
Please remember that we cannot get a true evaluation of the theatre if the staff knows you are there to evaluate them. You must be discreet!
How do I join this club?
There is an annual enrollment fee of $50 + applicable taxes. Simply fill in the online request form and a representative of our Guest Services department will be contacting you in the near future to advise of theatre availability and the membership enrollment process.
What a deal! After one shop, you have already been reimbursed for the majority of your membership fee. For each shop, (remember - at least four shops per year are guaranteed) you receive two passes and $10 in gift certificates. So bring a friend!
Can I participate more than 4 times per year?
Depending on the number of shoppers we have in your area, you may be able to participate more frequently. Our goal is to have each of our theatres shopped approximately once a week, so if there is a shortage of shoppers in your area, you may be asked to repeat a visit.
Can I see any movie I'd like?
Yes. You can shop the theatre any day of the week for any regularly scheduled show.
Can I shop the theatre of my choice?
In most cases, yes! You will be asked to select up to three theatres that you would like to 'shop'. The theatre assigned to you will be based on availability.
Am I under any kind of obligation?
The only obligation you have is to complete and mail back the evaluation form in a timely manner. If we do not receive a completed evaluation form within three weeks of the assigned 'shop by' date on the confirmation sheet, you will lose any remaining show visits, without a refund of your $50.