January 20, 2011

Freebie- Cesar Canada dining kit

If you have a small dog, and a facebook account, this is a freebie for you.  Join their page and upload a picture of your cute small dog, and once accepted you will receive a free Cesar small dog dining kit!  The Cesar dining kit is :
Elevate your small dog's dining experience with an exclusive Gourmet Dining Kit that includes:
One (1) sample of CESAR BISTRO™ Steak Tips & Garden Greens Flavour Food for Small Dogs
One (1) Plate
One (1) CESAR BISTRO™ branded Dining Mat
One (1) CESAR BISTRO™ branded Handkerchief
One (1) Serving Spoon

There is our baby Toby :-)  He is 11 weeks old now, a Boston Terrier, and a goofy one at that :-P lol