December 9, 2010

LeapFrog- 15% off learning gift packs + free shipping over $50.00

Right now until January 3rd 2011, LeapFrog is taking 15% off their learning gift packs.  You can also get free ground shipping when you spend $50 before taxes, which might just help you out shopping for those cute little nuggets in your life.  J loves her Tag, I just wish she could find it so she could use it on the new books we got her for Christmas! lol  That is the only problem with it, it gets lost, but other than that I love it.  One of my favourite things we've bought for her.  The gift packs range from $62.01 - $147.77 (sale price) no matter what you'll be getting yourself some free shipping.  Browse their gift packs to find which one you'd be interested in.