December 21, 2010

Connect & Promote ~ Canada ~

I very recently decided to start up a new page.  It's called Connect & Promote ~Canada~
My hopes for it are to have Canadian run bloggers, businesses big or small, and service providers to post whats going on in their world.  Such as giveaways, or interesting blog posts, sales and coupon codes or incentives for new fans, anything that would be of interest.  Even if you're not Canadian BUT provide to Canadians you are welcome to post it there.  I would love for this to turn into a one stop spot for great Canadian finds.  

Feel free to join even if you don't currently offer anything, it will be a great place to find businesses, blogs, and services you might not of heard of yet.  If you know someone who does please pass this along to them.  

If we all invite our current fans, friends & family we can turn this into a massive marketing circle.  Getting to meet new people we otherwise might not of.  

Even though this just started a whole 2 days ago, there are already some great places that have joined and posted.  Check it out

Everything posted has to be available to Canadians, if not it will be deleted.