December 14, 2010

La Senza - Free shipping CAN & US Dec 15th to Dec 17th

If you were looking to get yourself something from La Senza but haven't made it out to the store yet, or just don't feel comfortable shopping in person, you can get free shipping for 3 days starting tomorrow.  Also, if you place your order before Dec 16th, they will make sure you get it before Christmas.  With this crappy weather, this might be a good idea for you.  Browse their online store.  These goodies are for Canada & US.


Carly said...

I have awarded your blog with the stylish award!! :) checkout my blog for details on the awrd I sent you. be sure to follow the rules and post everything on your site. :) and you can copy and save the stylish award that you can add and be proud of on your blog.