May 19, 2011

Sweet Art by Elizabeth

I'm so excited about this review.  Sweet Art by Elizabeth was a huge part in finding out the sex of our second child.  I would love everyone to know about her.

Once Elizabeth and I started talking about our upcoming party, I got to know just how  nice and talented she really is.  She was super easy to talk to, to come up with ideas together, and creative.  We were planning a party to find out the sex of baby #2 in a unique way that I originally saw on 19 Kids and Counting.  They had a cake made with the colours pink or blue on the inside to find out if they were having a girl or boy, and I loved that idea!  I couldn't wait to finally get pregnant and copy it, and Sweet Art was the 1st and only place we turned to.

We held out party Sunday May 15th 2011, and had our family and friends join us.  Jayla got to run around, snuggle with her grandparents, show off her puppy, and get spoiled as our only child for a little bit longer.
We all munched on some food to make the anticipation stretch out, had everyone write their name on the boards saying weather they thought girl or boy, and then finally cut the cut with everyone watching.

We decided that we would have a 2 tier square cake, with the top being either blur or pink on the inside, and the bottom cake being chocolate because I'm a chocoholic :-P
I let Elizabeth decide how to make the cake look and go with the flow.  She iced it smoothly in a white buttercream icing, added blue and pink dots, ribbons, and yellow balls to keep it gender neutral and keep everyone guessing.   The top had tiny little baby shoes. An added special touch was the sparkles to make it glitter.    The top cake had the white buttercream icing filling, and the chocolate cake had a chocolate pudding filling.

The room was so quiet and filled with suspense.  We let our daughter Jayla do the 1st cut, since she is going to be a big sister for the 1st time, and we want her to feel as included in everything we do as usual.  She made that cut that let just enough colour out to have everyone in the room gasp, and be totally surprised, the cake is blue!  That means a little baby brother for Jayla in September.  I immediately started crying, John could not hold his excited face back any longer, my Mom also started to cry.  The room was filled with smiles, and excitement.  Jayla was and still is unsure of what that actually means for her, and what's to come.  lol

I am so glad we had this party and found out the sex of nugget #2 with those that are closest to us.  I couldn't imagine doing it any other way now.
We are so thankful to Sweet Art by Elizabeth for working with us and making us a cake that would change our lives.  

Sweet Art by Elizabeth is located in Niagara Fall Ontario.  They make cakes for ALL occasions.  Weddings, Corporate, Special Occasions, Cup Cakes, and anything in between!  She also works on local charities, and contributed to our last Mom to Mom Sale.  If you feel you have an opportunity for her, chat it up with her.  She is very friendly, you won't be disappointed. 
Visit Elizabeth online at and find them on Facebook.

Here are some more examples of her amazing work.