May 17, 2011

FREEBIE - Chocolate Cheerios OR Fibre 1 Brown Sugar Shredded Wheat

Here's how to get your FREE box of NEW Chocolate Cheerios*:
  1. Click here to order your coupon from
  2. Wait for the coupon to arrive in the mail.
  3. Put the coupon in a safe place and mark June 21, 2011 on your calendar.
  4. On June 21, bring your coupon to the nearest grocery store to get your FREE box of new Chocolate Cheerios* or new Fibre 1* Brown Sugar Shredded Wheat!
  5. Savour every last chocolicious O!
Click here to get your coupon now. Quantities are limited, so once the word gets out, there's no telling how long they'll last!
From your friends at Life Made Delicious