May 19, 2011

We're having a baby BOY!!!

I posted on here a while ago about how we were going to find out the sex of baby #2.
We were planning to have a party with our family and close friends, eat some food, have everyone guess boy or girl, and then cut into a cake that was either filled blue or pink.

The hubby couldn't
After our last ultrasound he asked if he could go back into the room and ask the technician what it was.  I said yes, he is the Daddy, but I said yes in those ways where you say it, but hope they can read your mind and that you meant the opposite...hahaha

I thought for sure he would give it away, but he didn't.  He's great at keeping secrets, which is a bad thing, and a good thing?

Because he knew the sex, he got to call ahead to Sweet Art by Elizabeth and order our cake.  This way we could have out party earlier without having to wait to our next midwife appointment to get them to either email, call, or put it in an envelope for us to give to her.

Our due date for baby boy is September 23rd 2011.  That means every Friday we get 1 week closer to becoming a family of 4.  Tomorrow Friday May 20th will mark us being 22 weeks pregnant.  This pregnancy is going way faster than I expected, which is exciting and scary at the same time.  Our daughter Jayla just turned 3 about a month ago.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up, and can't wait to see the big sister she will become.

We're looking at any suggestions to boy names.  We seem to love almost all girl names, but not so much in the boy name
We're hoping to find something original and unique like Jayla's name, so he can just go by his 1st name in class and and in life.  Jayla will more than likely just be "Jayla" in class, no need to add her last name or initial to know which Jayla they are talking to.  We're looking for the same for our tiny nugget on the way.

Thanks for letting me share our news with you :-)
Watch for a review on Sweet Art by Elizabeth to follow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! We have a Jonah! Would go great with Jayla. :)

Avery said...

Thank you so much!!
I thought it would be cute to have J names, but we're also looking into the P names since his last name begins with a P. This whole name game has been harder than it was with out daughter