November 2, 2010

Letting my mommy friends in on a little secret...

I recently posted on my facebook that I'm hosting a Cheerios Milestones Party this month.  I haven't had the chance yet to  let everyone know about this great site that is making this party possible, although a few friends know and love the idea!  Mom Central Canada is a site that is geared to, you guessed it, us moms.  It's a site that offers you the opportunity to try out new products, spread the word on products (word of mouth marketing) and gives you the essentials to plan a gathering.  Since joining this site, I have been able to participate in a few things, and give them my review on it.  Examples are, A&D Diaper rash creams, Kleenex hand towels, Purex laundry sheets, and now host my very own Cheerios milestones party.  They supplied me with Cheerios of course :-P, Cheerios contains, coupons, a Sesame Street Platinum Hits CD, Paper and crayons for crafts, Cheerios play books, a $20.00 card for refreshments, and an allergen card.  All that's left is the cute little kids to enjoy these things!  In return all I have to do is give them feedback, let them know how my party went, show pictures, and have fun!

I thought I would blog about this site letting anyone that didn't know about them the opportunity to join and be invited to these themselves.